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Pear Up Cider

221 11TH ST, EAST WENATCHEE, WA, 98802
Wednesdays 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

About Us

In the years before going to market, we started pressing on an old 1903 cider press with the zeal of impassioned hobbyists. The previous owner of this second-hand press told us we could make good '"adult' cider by leaving some fresh press in gallon jugs under the stairs until they were the size of basketballs. We were horrified and figured that we may have saved someone from going blind by taking it off their hands.

We soon realized that the native pear varieties on the property provided for a uniquely light and flavorful finish, and a small family company was born. The first pears we press each season come off of the heritage family orchard and through the year we pear this fruit with bins from around the Wenatchee valley. As one of the first cideries in the country to focus solely on pear, Pear UP pioneered the low sugar, flavor-forward alternative offering blends that are perfect for enjoying anytime from a hot day out on the boat to a fire-side winter huddle.